Cactus Blooms (15x20

Our Souls’ Inheritance
A maudlin July sun, the barn loft soft;
When I saw what I saw
I felt it
Before the sound came out.
After a marathon of walking,
Avocado-stained skin;
I knew what you knew.
After splitting meals,
Getting shy and back again;
Giving gifts of time.
After a clandestine comedy,
We sipped it, belated, then
Hurrah! Romantasy was thick where we went.
                                                            But my guts were soggy,
                                                            My life as a fugue,
                                                            The fields fallow.
                                                            I was my own scarecrow.
                                                            An eclipse through dark glasses,
                                                            Deceit as protection–that old, stale
                        As fate calmed me,
                        The season moved,
Giving gifts of time.
I again knew what you knew,
                        What we always knew:
Where two rivers meet,
Next to bridges and comeback
Sand in your hair,
Perseus and eagles overhead
Maturing and flying home,
Love is our souls’ inheritance.

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