PDX: Art Reception

5th season art show 023

Where there is BLUEMAN, there is life… Thank you to everyone who came to my art opening in the beginning of December and who wished me well. I am happy with the turn-out and the conversations which have been generated by my work. The physical arrangement of the pieces is even better than my conception of it. Thank you to Billy and Emily for helping me hang the show.

The Blueman has had quite the impact. At first, I worried this entity would overshadow the rest of my pieces; but has served to enhance and cohere the show in great un-imagined turns. The addition of the BLUE-MAN-I-FESTO, (see my earlier Artword blog entry) posted underneath his form on the wall, has been an excellent starting point of explanation and exploration for people. Overheard: conversations about childhood, the environment, spirits coming to others in their dreams, creatures in the ocean, growing older, nostalgia and the ultimate complementary question in an artists’ life, “What is ART?”.

A big thank you must go out to Anja, the owner of Miss Zumstein for hosting my artwork and lovely reception, complete with snacks! I really appreciate the support of all my friends and neighbors. Most of the work you see here is for sale, (some sold). Please leave a comment for me if you are interested in purchasing. Any photo you see on my website, film or digital, can be enlarged to your specifications, matted, custom framed etc. Feel free to inquire. A humble thanks, again.


Dream Leap

This woman in my dream was contemplating jumping. Was the pool empty or full? What would be worse for a woman made out of paper? I was interviewing her. Did she conspire with the other judges to throw the poetry contest? A lot was at stake, including a new poet’s career… Sculptures like this and other art soon to come with an official posting/invite to my show in Portland, Oregon in December. Stay tuned…

Welcome to LifeofSpence: ArtWord

Greetings! Welcome to my new website. I consider myself to be an environmental artist. Primarily a photographer and sculptor, I also draw, paint, write poetry and music. I focus on using salvage material and/or found objects whenever possible to cultivate relationships which emphasize our connection to the Earth as co-creators and tenders. I love being outdoors and use inspiration from my backpacking and fishing adventures to create art. Some of the things you see here on the website are for sale, such as photographic prints, and I am open to commissions and collaboration. (Please contact me to inquire about ordering). I am also currently looking for a publisher for my poetry manuscript, “Cactus Blooms”. Thank you for visiting and supporting the livelihoods of artists!