One of the earliest memories I have, when camping with my family at a young age, is the sound of the wind over Lake Michigan. Sounds of the natural world have ignited my creativity and my attention span ever since and have been inseparable from my life experience.

Making music is an extension of emotional vulnerability for me. A family friend introduced me to the piano keyboard and classical guitar, and songwriting followed soon after. I struggle with “playing out” and stage fright. Although, for the past two years living in New Mexico, I have had the wonderful opportunity to play with fine musicians for the many eclectic audiences across the Zuni Mountains. With the mountain magic still ringing in my ears, I returned to Portland and began to write more songs. I am looking forward to recording my own project in 2017.

Feel free to peruse my Soundcloud page here!

Two projects in particular from my time in New Mexico I am very pleased to present are thus so because it has always been a dream of mine to play percussion on an album. I have been able to play drums on two albums so far, working closely with both my husband and his family members, recording in a unique rural mountain location, where the sound of the wind and the ravens was equally a part of the recording as our noises.

2014 “Human Thinking Animal” by Billy von Raven, played percussion and guitar.  Hear/buy the album on iTunes, or Spotify

2013 “For the Night Surely Comes” by Maxwell von Raven, played percussion. Hear/buy the album on iTunes or Spotify




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