Spencer K. Fisher, born in Michigan, has been dubbed “different”, “weird” and “out of the ordinary” as long as he can remember. He has worked to embrace this gift to seek fascination in everyday life. His passion for creativity is expressed with a special connectedness to the Earth—humans, stars, dirt, plants, animals–and has helped him appreciate his journey, grounding him in a traveling, open process. Growing up with teachers as parents, whose love of the outdoors transferred to Fisher, was an ideal beginning for conjuring the kind of curiosity Fisher hopes to further with his artwork, writing and music.

Fisher has been writing poetry and short stories since grade school. He has been building sculptures, painting, taking photographs and making music almost as long. While completing his Bachelor’s of Arts degree with a double major in Art and Journalism at Western Michigan University, Fisher learned guitar, jewelry-making, painting, sculpture, photography and how to avoid the mundane. In 2001, Fisher moved from Michigan to Portland, Oregon, where he was immersed in a culture and community valuing re-purposing of materials. This move has inspired much of his work. After his first show in Portland in the Alberta Arts District in 2002, he has since used salvaged materials whenever possible, often painting on wood, creating furniture and sculpture from found materials and even building bicycles and living quarters from discarded items. An avid fisherman and backpacker, Fisher has taken time to pack out extra trash, as well as his own, making art out of what he finds. While exploring the West, Fisher continues to draw, paint, take photographs, make music and write along the way.

Fisher and his husband, artist Billy von Raven, have collaborated on several visual art and musical projects, including von Raven’s album “Human Thinking Animal”. Fisher and Von Raven produce the blog “Coupleohuckleberries”, ( (ongoing since 2012), notably about nature, philosophy, hiking, travel, climate change, making music and art. Currently, they live in their jeep in the national forest.

All photos on this website are available for sale by request. Other pieces may be available for purchase. Leave a comment for Fisher for more information.


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